10 Years of Artist Support at SPACE


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Since 2012, SPACE has led a number of artist development initiatives, on which the publication 10 Years of Artist Support at SPACE, by Valentina Orrù, reflects.

Over that period, SPACE developed and delivered several types of artist support programmes, most notably:

  • Creative business development programmes, reaching over 1,500 creative practitioners with our partners in London and the South East of England: London Creative Network, New Creative Markets, South East Creatives [SECCADS] 
  • SPACE Bursaries and Awards, offering a mix of workspace, grant and professional support
  • Residencies, focused on Art + Tech or in conjunction with our Commissions programme
  • Events & talks such as SPACE Toolkit Colchester or our pioneering Art + Tech programme

To ensure maximum impact, these programmes champion several facets of an artist’s practice, combining for example a free workspace with a financial award, or skills training with networking activities. 

Having the studio to turn up to work at was really good for my headspace, and the fact that the residency was paid was essential for me to be able to take the time needed to commit to the project.” Leah Clements – Art + Tech Residency Artist 2017

These programmes were developed in collaboration with our partners both nationally and internationally. They couldn’t exist without the support of our funders, whether it is the ongoing commitment of our patrons and friends, or the multi-million pound funding that our creative business development programmes received from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

“We look forward to the next 10 years of artist support programmes, advocating on behalf of artists and offering our resources where most needed.” Eline van der Vlist, SPACE Chief Executive.

Download your copy here.