2013 – 14 White Building residency artists announced

6 Jun 2013

SPACE announces the new round of residencies at The White Building, exploring the intersection between art, technology and sustainability.

The residencies enable emerging and mid-career artists an opportunity to produce new work, on a major public platform.

Residencies at The White Building are supported by Bloomberg under the Bloomberg ON collaboration with SPACE.

2013 – 2014 residency artists include:

Lawrence Abu Hamdan. Abu Hamdan will be developing a new body of work, which considers the influence of Druze community in the Levant – an esoteric religious group in the Middle East.

Sam Ashby/Little Joe Magazine. Ashby will be bringing the Little Joe Magazine to Hackney Wick, developing a limited edition publication focused on the intersections of queer culture, technology and sustainability, and a series of public programmes.

Jesse Darling. An emerging artist of the post-internet generation featured regularly on rhizome.org, Darling’s work explores the material space between performance, technology, and gender.

Fabienne Hess. Hess is a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art and during her residency will explore the limits of privacy in the digital age.

Jon Rafman. During his residency Canadian artist Rafman will develop a video project that explores the relationship between memory and identity, both historical and personal. Sourcing footage from PS3 games and Second Life, the video will engage with actual, virtual, and imaginary spaces – highlighting their liminal nature.

Jamie Shovlin. Working with The British Library’s Newspaper Library, internationally renowned Shovlin will develop a project that considers the relationship between news, materiality, geography and distribution.

Jacob Stenman. A designer who uses emerging technologies to produce material objects, Stenman’s residency is supported by IASPIS.

Three more resident artists will be announced shortly including a collaboration with the Goethe Institut, London and a new partnership with Eyebeam, New York’s premiere art and technology centre.