SPACE Art + Tech’s Selected Playlist

June 2020

Dear Art + Tech community

With our worlds reduced to the size of our homes, screens have become the most common way of getting out of our isolation bubble. Like many of you, I find myself constantly refreshing the news feed, and looking for ways to manage my anxiety levels, while trying to keep up with life admin and staying creative at the same time. I compiled a list of things that I’m watching, playing, listening and reading, which are helping me get through isolation, and offer a different perspective on our current reality.

In this time of screen saturation, I gave this list a great deal of thought. All the works listed below have a common goal – they are meant to set your mind on a journey. As you’re taking the works in, let your mind do the work for you – after all, it is the greatest technology.

Hope you find it useful.

Stay safe and until next time we meet IRL,

Kristina Pulejkova
Art + Technology Programme Manager


Paprika, 2006

For those of you whose dreams are going wild, step into the world of Dr Atsuko Chiba, a scientist by day and a dream detective by night. This is the last movie from late anime director Satoshi Kon; watch the trailer here


Forest 404 – Podcast on BBC sounds 

Listen to this eco thriller, set in a forest-less future. Each episode has an accompanying talk and a nature recording, with music composed by Bonobo.


BIENTÔT L'ÉTÉ by Tale of Tales 

Play this mesmerising game (pictured) built for distant lovers. Compiled of dreamy seascapes, long walks on the beach, wine, chess and poetry, it’s a game that reveals the beauty of longing. To be played with a glass of wine.   


Rustications: Animals in Urban Mix, 2013, by Steven Connor

With sound pollution taking a plunge due to the lack of air and road traffic, the sounds of nature are stepping to the forefront, which has been a delightful aural treat. This made me go back to Steven Connor’s essay on the coexistence of man, machine and animal sounds in the urban soundscape. 


And from our friends...

Screen Walks | An online collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery and Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

Screen Walks is a series of live-streamed artist/researcher-led explorations of online spaces and artistic strategies designed to illuminate a thriving – often overlooked – digital cultural scene.


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