Colchester Studio Awards
Application deadline: Fri 12 Aug 2022, midnight
SPACE Colchester

Applications for Round 2 now open. Application form here

Between February 2022 and January 2024, SPACE Colchester will be awarding 4 emerging visual artists, who are under-represented* in the art world, free studio space to help progress their practice.

As well as a rent-free studio for 6 months, the opportunity will also include £250 towards materials and support to develop new ideas and experimentation.

*For the purpose of this award, our definition of under-represented artists refers to individuals whose ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or socio-economic background may have affected their career advancement.

Studio Awards

Over the course of 2 years, 4 artists will each receive:

  • a six -month rent free studio at SPACE Colchester, 37 Queen Street*
  • a £250 materials budget 

*Please note that the studio will be semi-furnished allowing the artist the opportunity to start working straight away to develop their current practice or new experimentation. 

Awards & Support

In addition, the awardees will each receive:

  • individual 1-2-1 mentoring
  • a place on SPACE’s CPSP: Peer-to-Peer feedback sessions
  • advice on documenting the progress of their work in preparation for an online showcase at the end of their residency. 

What we are looking for

The aim of the award is to give you as an artist an opportunity to invest in yourself and your future. 

  • We want to reward potential and promise
  • We want to motivate and encourage
  • We want to hear how you will use these resources 
  • We want to know where the award will take you in your practice.

Who can apply

The Studio Award is for emerging and re-emerging artists, working or living in Colchester or the surrounding areas. The Award is aimed at opening up access to the world of art, and we encourage applicants whose ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or socio-economic background may have affected their career advancement.

How to apply

It is free to apply for this award. Please complete the application form here

Please contact if you have any access needs during your application. 

Application deadline: Friday 12 August 2022, midnight. 

Applications for future Studio Awards will be advertised closer to their start dates. 


To help you with your application we have anticipated some of the questions you may have about the award. Please contact Abbie Cairns at if you have any other queries. 

What is your definition of emerging?
SPACE recognises that young and emerging artists from our communities have been disproportionately impacted by the current situation through loss of opportunities such as exhibiting (eg. final degree shows) and loss of income both within the arts and other industries that they rely on to support their practice (eg. those working in hospitality).  

What is re-emerging?
Artists’ careers and practices are not linear. We want to recognise the fact that an emerging artist may no longer be within the early years of starting their practice and there are those returning to the arts after a lengthy time away. A career break due to illness, parental leave, financial uncertainty or those who have undertaken a large career change could be considered in this context. 

We understand that the decision to continue your practice after a lengthy break can be difficult and support applications from self-taught artists or those who may not have had the opportunity to exhibit their most recent work.

How will SPACE support awardees?
Over the course of their residency, the awardees will be supported with 1-2-1 mentoring tailored to their practice and the online showcase.  

In addition, they will be offered a guest place at SPACE’s online CPSP: Peer-to-Peer feedback sessions where they will be able to gain advice and feedback as their work develops from members of the Creative Practitioner Support Programme community. 

I am a SPACE studio tenant. Can I apply for the Award?
No. The Studio Award is for a specific studio at 37 Queen Street, Colchester and is to encourage new tenants who would otherwise not have the opportunity to have a studio. 

What is the Creative Practitioner Support Programme and how do I join?
SPACE Colchester’s Creative Practitioner Support Programme (CPSP) moved online during lockdown, and the group has grown to more than 380 members.

The programme runs monthly online peer-to-peer feedback sessions and opportunities such as the Emerging Practitioner Studio Awards and our recent Online Collaborative Residencies. 

Open to all creative practices, whether you are still studying, self taught, a recent graduate or an emerging/re-emerging artist, the programme offers opportunities to gain support, feedback and advice on your work in progress from other practicing artists and practitioners.

You can join our dedicated Facebook group here.

For any questions or direct Zoom links to our online sessions please contact