Ed Pien ‘Wrestling With Demons’
1 Mar – 1 Aug 2006
SPACE Mare Street

Wrestling With Demons presents a new series of drawings and videos by Ed Pien

Within the drawings, bodies are opened up: boundaries collapse; flesh melds together and multiplies. Focusing on the monstrous and the grotesque Ed Pien’s drawings turn the inside out with abandon and transform our notions of subjectivity.

The video Wrestling With Demons shows the artist animating his drawings as giant kites. In flying these kite creatures the artist is both physically and directly negotiating their shape and form. A struggle ensues between monster and artist; a confrontation mirrored in the video Moon Beings as two silhouettes overlap. Their interaction and continual shape-shifting restrict any clear readings of the body.

Wrestling with Demons occurred alongside Juan delGado’s exhibition Suspended Reverie (tenminutes).

Pien’s participation at the Space studio residency in London is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.