Focus – Next: Art + Tech Residency Open Call

May 2018

Application deadline: 17 July 2018, 10am
Residency: Sep-Dec 2018 & Jan-Mar 2019

Future Human

Future Human explores the intersection between artificial intelligence and humanity, posing questions about what it means to be human and a citizen in the digital age.

As machine learning and artificial intelligence start to exceed human comprehension, will we be able to seize this opportunity to create bias-free AI or will these machines always replicate our own gender, race and class biases? To what extent is data profiling affecting the ways we reflect back on human identity and citizenship?

In a time when tech companies are competing to build humanised robots and anthropomorphise existing AI: what does this say about the future of humanity and what we define as human? Who, or what, will be granted the rights of citizenship in the era of AI? 

The Art + Tech team are seeking artists who are already pushing the boundaries of technological innovation within their practice and whose work engages with these critical ideas and themes.

Selected artists receive:
- 24-hour access to a studio at SPACE Mare Street
- A stipend of £1800
- A production allowance of £500
- Curatorial support and programming
- Showcase for works produced

To apply, applicants must submit the following:
- Artist CV  (max two pages)
- Digital Portfolio (max of 10 images & 4 video links)
- Project and Artist-Led Workshop Proposal (download application form here)
- Completed Equal Opps Form (download here)

The SPACE Art + Tech Residency programme is conceived as a period of development, immersion and critical investigation.

Practitioners will be selected in recognition of their project proposal’s compatibility with the themes and their desire to commit to the intensive three-month residency cycle.

Practitioners will be selected by the panel comprising:
- Tamara Clarke Browne, Independent curator
- Levin Haegele, Freelance Technologist
- Kristina Pulejkova, SPACE Art + Technology Programme Manager
- Lauren Bassam, SPACE Art + Technology Assistant Producer

Please note SPACE is able to offer (shared) accommodation for one UK artist, who would not otherwise be able to take up residence in London. Please indicate whether this is required on your application.

All applications are to be submitted via email to: with the title ‘Focus - Next Residency Application’ in the subject line.