HereAfter: Residency Open Call
September 2016

Applications are now open for HereAfter - SPACE’s 2017 residency programme

augmented reality
a technology that superimposes a computer­ generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

We are situated at a point where virtual and physical spaces are converging into one spatial experience. HereAfter explores how the virtual domain now impacts our perceptions of reality. It questions how access to space is mediated via technology, and in what way such tools reconfigure our own lived experience.

How are digital and physical spaces converging into one spatial condition?
How is the virtual domain changing our relation to the physical world?
What happens to our perception of reality as our ways of accessing the world are increasingly mediated through technology?

“AR has the potential to act as a harbinger of future hi­tech transformations whilst irrevocably altering the basic nature of everyday life.”
Mez Breeze

Submissions are welcomed from practitioners whose work engages with and responds to this provocation.

Practitioners will be selected in recognition of their proposal’s compatibility with the critical and experimental nature of the three month residency structure, where the focus is on process over product. The residency programme supports critical research, development, production and presentation of initiatives. Residents will be invited to contribute to and participate in programming activity - exhibiting their work, presenting their processes and leading workshops to further investigate their ideas.

To apply, applicants must submit the following:
1 x Proposal for new project or production to be developed or completed during the residency period (max 750 words)
1 x Artist CV
1 x Proposal for an artist led workshop to investigate their subject collaboratively
Examples of previous work (Max 15 Images; Max 4 Video Links; Max 1 PDF)
Full Contact Details (including telephone, email, mobile number and address)

Application deadline: Sunday 20 November 2016

Selected UK artists receive:
- 24 hour access to a studio at The White Building
- A stipend of £1800
- A production allowance of £600
- Curatorial support and programming opportunities

Please note SPACE are able to offer accommodation for one UK artist, who would not otherwise be able to take up residence in London. Please indicate this requirement on your application.

The residency cycles will run January - March and April - June 2017. Please indicate which of these you would be available for in your application.

Please note that all applications are to be submitted via email:

Equal Opps Form is available for download here


SPACE Art + Technology residencies are generously supported by Arts Council England