IASPIS Residency #4: Ninna Berger

SPACE welcomes our fourth IASPIS Residency Artist Ninna Berger.

Ninna Berger’s sculptures are generated from found street life materials. Her assemblages of urban debris have shape-shifting qualities and are fragile nature  – roughly hewn and woven textiles of broken glass bottles layered with roughed-up rubbery skins of discarded garment material and topped with starchy, hyper-pigmented fragments of London dailies. Scraped and trawled from the streets of her newly adopted home in Hackney, Berger’s stacking and layering of the materiality of street life pepper the gallery space.

During her residency at The White Building, Berger consciously set herself up to explore the dynamics of chance and failure within her evolving sculptural practice. Originally from a fashion design background, the artist’s process has shifted and morphed away from her previous focus on the conceptualizing of the body as a structure to “dress” and towards a new adhesion to the exploration of  objecthood and new materiality.

Berger will present a solo exhibition of new sculpture produced whilst in residence from Sat 28 Feb 2015 until Sun 1 Mar 2015, 12-5pm. PV: Friday 27 Feb, 6:30-9pm. Info here.