Interview with Clarice Hilton

January 2019

A series of interviews with SPACE Art + Technology artists in residence

What were you doing in the year leading up to the residency?
Living a parallel life in virtual worlds. I’ve been making installation-based VR projects which put the viewer at the centre of the narrative. Working with a creative collective called Anagram we produced a piece using archive footage of the Suffragettes which uses voice interaction to encourage you to use your voice to speak out. We also produced an installation which played with the use of VR called The Collider which explores human relationships, premiering at International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA).

I’ve also been exploring the experience of being embodied as non-human objects inside VR and how that changes our sense of self.

What are you working on at the moment?
I'm creating an installation for a SPACE showcase that gets the audience to explore themselves as understood by their data. I’m looking at the experience of having your self fed back to you constantly as our digital interactions get more personalised.

How have you found the residency so far?
The residency has been an amazing experience giving me the opportunity to deeply explore ideas around trust, technology and the self. The opportunity to concentrate on this and speak to both the SPACE team, the other residents and my wonderful mentor has been invaluable.

What’s coming next?
I’m hoping to carry on developing the installation idea. I am also working on various VR projects that should be coming out in the summer.