Interview with Paul Wiersbinski

February 2018

A series of interviews with SPACE Art + Technology artists in residence

What were you doing in the year leading up to the residency?
A show on pigs and drones, construction plans for utopian cities made of mud, lectures on mirror-worlds, designing batman sculptures for art in architecture and publishing a book on doing absolutely nothing.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am mostly occupied with my residency project, for which I will set-up a performative game to explore how surveillance technology points inwards. I use my time to try out the technical and narrative potentials within the set up I have in mind and remain curious what the workshop presentation will lead up to.

How have you found the residency so far?
Since I found a decent local bakery, I have been enjoying my time. I guess London and Berlin are very similar on the one hand and very different on the other.

What’s coming next?
Well, who knows? I am just waiting until the fascists prevail or politicians eventually decide to introduce the unconditional basic income, so humanity gets payed to play, while machines do the dirty work. Therefore, I also think about preparing a celebration for the day Artificial Intelligence finally takes over. Or to sum it all up: The future does not exist.