Kelly Jazvac ‘Flop’

2008 — 2009
SPACE Mare Street

Kelly Jazvac, Flop

Jazvac’s sculptural work investigates the relationship between surface and desire. Works preceding Jazvac’s residency recreated luxury goods. From a distance they look slick, glossy and pristine, yet up close they are clearly handmade, imperfect and strange. They play with ideas of consumer desire, surface, quality, marketing, labour and use value. Like any product, they have the ability to both delight and disappoint.

Jazvac employed the aesthetic of advertising in her residency’s work, attaching large, printed tarpaulins to constructed objects or drooping them over walls and floors. Kelly’s residency was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, part of an ongoing programme of two six-month residencies per year at SPACE.

Download the publication made to accompany this residency below. Edited by Josie Faure Walker, design by Modern Activity.