LG RESIDENCY #5: Joong-Keun Lee

1 Mar 2012 – 31 May 2012

March 2012

Born in Seongnam, Korea, in 1972, Joong-Keun studied at Kyungwon university, and has exhibited extensively both in Korea and internationally.

From 2000, he took part in both in range of international group exhibitions as well as exhibitions in Korea. The first solo exhibition, Brave New World, brought him international recognition. More recently he was involved in an international Artist residency Programme in New Zealand.

When asked about his work, he states that he takes a memory snapshot of landscapes and them reproduces the memory digitally creating patterns that are both familiar and unfamiliar to the viewer- looking and searching for the contact point among the genres in the modern arts, and at the same time groping for the encounter between the daily life and arts.