LG Residency #6: Noh Seok Mee

28 Jun – 28 Aug 2012

une 2012

Artist's note :

A kind habit

While I was listening to the radio, I happen to hear a fragmented passage, 'an Indian boy tackling solitude'. Um, he is doing so. . .

I always wanted to draw pictures which are 'sweet'. Or I rather wanted to capture a 'sweet' moment. It goes like this. It is raining, and every raindrop is visible. I'm looking outside. All of a sudden, I perceive it is the moment, which is perfect. Everything such as sound, smell, temperature, humidity, and distance is set for this moment. Something perfect is beautiful. I mean the moment that is real, and that is not hastily made up. However, that moment does not last long. No sooner had I recognize it than it disappears.

I pack things and go out. Looking down my shoes, I walk slowly. You cannot always find it. However, I keep walking, hoping to find it. It approaches you at an unexpected moment. What is it? It is always different. It is something that you thought familiar, but is actually unfamiliar. It is something that you thought unfamiliar but is actually familiar. If it is neither this nor that, it is just discovered. Everything in the world has some energy. I believe that energy circulates. My intrusion causes new energy to generate, or the circulation of the energy to be broken. There I quickly pick up the moment for fearing that other people may take it, or sometimes I just pass it. Sometimes I actively engage in exchanging energy with them. Sometimes I take out a notebook and record them, or sometimes I assimilate them into my thought or my body. When I come back home, I examine what is left, flick through here and there, or throw it to ground and break it. I enjoy capturing the things, which are to disappear soon. I laboriously watch them and their materialized output.

Someone asked me.

"Why do you draw?"

"I'd like to appreciate them after I draw them."

-Noh,Seokmee 2007