NCM Participant Profile April 14: Dougie Wallace

29 Mar 2014

London-based photographer Dougie Wallace (aka Glasweegee) grew up in Glasgow. He is known for his expressive social documentary and street photography.

Dougie is currently in the process of printing three new book projects: Stags, Hens & Bunnies, a Blackpool Story (Dewi Lewis, Spring 2014), Road Wallah (Dewi Lewis, Autumn 2014) and When I grow rich say the Bells of Shoreditch (Hoxton Mini Press, September 2014).

What impact has New Creative Markets had on you?
As a freelance photographer you can feel quite isolated, so it is great to be part of a wider community of practitioners with whom you can discuss and bounce ideas off.
I found the How to find an Agent workshop particularly informative as I am now at the stage where I would like to shift my practice into a more commercial context. The Online Design and Curation workshop gave me some really good about ideas about how to modernise and improve my website.

What aspect of the programme do you see yourself implementing?
I am currently redesigning my website. The creative narrative flow has been greatly improved after attending the NCM workshop and getting direct feedback from other participates.

What is the most useful thing you have learned on the programme?
New Creative Markets has enabled me to meet a wide range of really interesting photographers; offering opportunities to share experiences, ideas and to make new contacts both professionally and socially.

Thank you to Dougie for sharing his experience.