NCM Participant Profile Sept 14: Annette Bugansky

September 14: New Creative Markets talks to Annette Bugansky, a ceramicist who joined the programme with Cockpit Arts.

Annette is an award winning designer who produces fresh yet timeless collections of contemporary vessels, lighting and wall art, starting from her own textile structures.

What impact has New Creative Markets had on you? 

New Creative Markets has been a very positive experience for me. It has helped me to make important decisions about my business. My work straddles two markets, wholesale and the gallery/collectors markets. Working on my own as a designer-maker left little time to tackle the marketing and PR. This has always been a challenge for me.

Cockpit and the NCM programme have helped me to dissect my business and to rebuild a fresh business model that is more manageable. It is a long-term development that will help me to overcome the challenges I have been putting off for so long.

What aspect of the programme do you see yourself implementing? 

I attended a variety of workshops and 121’s focussing mainly on marketing and PR. Although I had done similar workshops before the NCM programme I still felt challenged. The 121 consultations gave me the incentive to use the practical advice, break it down into smaller chunks and implement what I had learned.

I now have a new artist statement, have worked on a press release, revamping my website, setting up an online shop, set up and using social networking platforms and learning excel to streamline my paperwork. Orders are also starting to come in.

What is the most useful thing you have learned on the programme?

There were so many useful things learned on the programme. The 1-2-1 consultations were invaluable. The appraisals around my website and practical advice on setting up an online shop have been very useful and learning how to use social networking platforms as an effective marketing tool. I am feeling much more confident in tackling marketing and PR and with the practical advice and support from the programme I am already seeing the benefits.

Probably the most useful aspect of the programme is meeting other artists and professionals and realising that we share similar hurdles and that we are not alone, there are many people that that want to advise and support you.

Thanks to Annette for sharing her experience with us!