NCM Participant Profile Dec 14: Gayle Chong Kwan

Gayle Chong Kwan is a London-based artist whose large-scale installations, photographs, and public realm projects have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Chong Kwan makes immersive environments, events and mise-en-scenes that are in states of resolution and dissolution between imagined futures, alternative presents, sensory encounters, fictional mechanisms and myths.

Her work is an ongoing investigation into simulacra, the sublime and the senses, and highlights how mythological forms - even the most marketed and marketable - require the support of ancestral insistences, and common structures. Gayle joined the New Creative Markets programme with Four Corners.

What impact has New Creative Markets had on you?

New Creative Markets provided me with a really supportive and constructive environment, along with targeted training, which helped me to develop my art practice better as a business, and to develop my work in new markets. New Creative Markets has been a great help in encouraging and enabling me to focus on how I can better organise the administrative, financial and marketing aspects of my work, as I am usually too engrossed in the production of the work itself to give these much thought. 

What aspect of the programme do you see yourself implementing?

The programme helped me think about aspects I could implement to help make my commissions and projects easier to administer and manage financially.

What is the most useful thing you have learnt on the programme?

The advice and targeted training that I received in relation to tax and administration were incredibly helpful, and it was great to know that should questions or issues I arise I could raise them at one of the NCM sessions. 

Thank you to Gayle for sharing her experience with us!