NCM Participant Profile Nov 14: Jen Taylor

This month, we talk to Jen Taylor, owner of Hokolo, who joined the programme with SPACE. Hokolo designs are unique in featuring striking prints and patterns composed of everyday objects, many quintessentially British. She recently exhibited at Design Junction and the Renegade Fair.

What impact has New Creative Markets had on you?

Since joining New Creative Markets in April 2014 I have received a broad range of invaluable advice and support from individual mentors and fellow NCM participants. Running my own creative business is great fun but it can often be quite difficult and lonely working on my own. When I got stuck at work, it used to be really tricky as there was no one readily available to ask for help and advice. Since joining the NCM programme, I have built an amazing network of colleagues where we are able to share knowledge, resources and support one another’s work. It would have taken me much longer to progress my business without the help from NCM.

What aspect of the programme do you see yourself implementing?

Everything really, from building my own website, getting licensing deals to how to sell successfully and being able to establish my business goal. This is exactly why the NCM programme is so valuable as it covers a broad range of topics, all tailored to the needs of creative businesses.

What is the most useful thing you have learned on the programme?

Everything I have learned from NCM will be useful, and applicable to different aspects of my business; the programme has equipped me with the knowledge so I can use it when the time is right. The most useful thing to me is having met all the participants on the programme as I often find the most effective way of learning is from other people’s experiences. Nothing beats personal tips and know-hows.