NCM Participant Profile May 15: Sarah Lindsay
27 May 2015
Sarah Lindsay is a jewellery designer/maker based in North London.  Since 2003 she's been developing her own process of working with acrylic particles under the title 'Dust Collection’. Lindsay specialises in colour mixing unusual speckled surfaces and making lightweight simple jewellery from the colourful slices. 
What impact has New Creative Markets had on you?
New Creative Markets has introduced me to practical methods of organising myself which will allow me to be more creative as I'm no longer constrained by feeling guilty that I'm behind and that my business feels chaotic.  
Which aspects of the programme do you see yourself implementing?
Aspects of the programme that I will be implementing are beginning to use Excel for my invoicing and planning my production better by using visual Gantt charts and a sales order processing folder.
I also plan to promote myself more by making it an enjoyable part of my work to use social media to join in with the design community and by planning ahead for creative press release ideas.  I'm also going to use sales analysis to help direct me with new designs.  
What is the most useful thing you have learnt on the programme?
The most useful thing I have learned on the programme is to recognise that although there are things I'd rather avoid doing, like calling buyers and writing a press release, if I break them down into manageable tasks they become achievable and will be easier to do the more often I do them.  
Many thanks to Sarah for taking part in this interview.