SPACE Colchester Studio Awardee: Charlotte Frost

April – September 2022
SPACE Colchester

Congratulations to Charlotte Frost who has been awarded a studio at SPACE Colchester for a 6 month period to develop her creative practice.

Charlotte says “I am beyond excited and grateful to have been selected for the first SPACE Studio Award. Having Ehlers Danlos syndrome and being a new mum on top of renovating our new house means that I have not had the income, time or mental capacity to be able to practice art. This award means that I will have the space and materials to be able to return to my work and experiment with new ideas that have been brewing. I am looking forward to returning to my projection and textual work and combining this with my new found passion in painting and I cannot wait to share what these next six months will bring”

Charlotte Frost completed a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree in 2012 and a MA in Art History in 2016, and is a re-emerging, multi-disciplinary artist who works with an array of material that includes painting, projection, moving image and text. Inspired by the world around, Charlotte is interested in exploring themes of existentialism, propaganda and the sublime.