SPACE Colchester Studio Awardee: Tilly Hawkins

May – October 2023
SPACE Colchester

Congratulations to Tilly Hawkins who has been awarded a studio at SPACE Colchester for 6 months. 

Tilly’s art explores social issues affecting young people in our hyper-connected society that prizes self optimisation and curation of personal brand over meaningful human connection. Tilly creates fly poster designs inspired by the visual language of Web 1.0 and 1990s rave flyers, appropriating the ironic language of social media to ask sincere questions about the modern world.

Tilly says: “Thank you SPACE for choosing me for this amazing opportunity! I’m so excited to be able to make my largest and most ambitious paintings and posters yet. During my time in the studio, I will continue experimenting with storytelling using abstract painting and collage. I have plans for a new project, a series of works exploring the legacy of the Essex witch trials informed by historical research, which the studio programme will help me realise. I’m looking forward to meeting the other artists working in the building, and I hope we can collaborate and inspire each other.”