Winners Announced: Online Collaborative Residency 2022

January 2022

SPACE is pleased to announce the 12 winners of the Online Collaborative Residency 2022, as part of our Creative Practitioner Support Programme.

The selected participants will work remotely in pairs over the next 12 weeks to develop their projects through mentoring, advice and dedicated peer-to-peer sessions.

Finished pieces will become part of a digital online showcase which we look forward to inviting you to later in the summer.

The 12 artists are

Catherine Ross

Lu Reid

Katie Schreiber

Melisa Novotna

Nelly D

Woojin Joo

Peter Porteous-Butler

Jane Ostler

Caroline Sophia

Sally Maddams

Masta Green

Rachel Jordan


Awards and support

Along with the professional support, the artists will be paid a £200 fee and given a personal materials budget of £100 to cover artists equipment and any required transportation costs of artwork to their assigned collaborators.