Strangers with Angelic Faces

2 March — 2 April 2006
SPACE Mare Street

Strangers with Angelic Faces, 2 March – 8 April 2006, Space Galley, London. The exhibition travelled to Akbank Sanat Gallery in Istanbul in May 2006

Ali Demirel, Denizhan Ozer, Dryden Goodwin, Gul Ilgaz, Neriman Polat, Pinar Yolacan, Sener Ozmen & Erkan Ozgen, Serkan Ozkaya, Seza Paker, Shona Illingworth, Simon Faithfull. Curated by Levent Calikoglu and co-ordinated by Denizhan Ozer. Part of March ’06

The exhibition features work of prominent Turkish and British artists who work towards capturing those elements of the unknown and unrecognised that make the stranger such a compelling aspect of living in such cosmopolitan and diverse human topographies.


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