Adam Thomas: Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously
19 Mar – 17 Apr 2010

Characteristically condensing around the visual dimension of language, Adam Thomas’ practice suggests new and intuitive models for rendering the art/language binary.

The idea of ‘making’ language – translating it into physical forms coterminous with the plastic arts – is a central theme throughout colourless green ideas sleep furiously. Handled by Thomas, language becomes an object: a thing in the world that demands not only linguistic, but also phenomenological, aesthetical, historical, art canonical, mythical and personal consideration.

Adam Thomas was born in Swansea in 1984. He gained his BA Fine Art from Kingston University, London, in 2006. Recent exhibitions include Young Adam Thomas, Associates, London (2007), All Cut Up (group), Roebling Hall, New York (2008), Paper Show (group), David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen (2009) and The Little Shop on Hoxton Street (group), Limoncello, London, (2009).

colourless green ideas sleep furiously is the third NEU! exhibition at SPACE. Previous exhibitions were; PROH-SOH’ PA-PEER by Richard John Jones (September 2009) and What I Believe (a Polemical Collection) by Ruth Beale (November 2009). NEU! is an ongoing cycle of solo exhibitions by emerging artists at SPACE.