After Effects Motion Graphics Design 2
5 Sep –16 Nov 2011

10 Day Course
Date: Anytime
Times: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Price: £150.00
Instructor: Self-Learning

Course Setup
This course consists of 10 video-based lessons. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in duration and most include supplementary files and footage.
This course can be taken at any time - for instance every day for 10 days, or once a week for 10 weeks.

Primarily project-based, this course will teach you everything you need to know to create stunning visuals and motion graphics with After Effects. The course will offer an in-depth look at a number of After Effects plug-ins as well as covering the use of Expressions, After Effects built in scripting language, to speed up production and enhance creativity.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Working with Mattes, 3D layers and Object Buffers. Creating text animations using Track Mattes and Text Animators. Offsetting parameters overtime using expressions.

Lesson 2: Using scripts to generate a 3D elements. Introduction to Trapcode Form, using Layer Maps. Creating Layer Maps with Radio Waves, Trapcode Particular. Looping keyframes with a simple expression.

Lesson 3: Overview of Card Dance and Particle Playground. Animating a camera using parenting. Animating Illustrator artwork in 3D space. Working with AE Text, per character 3D feature, combined with range selectors and using wiggly selectors for randomizing characters and text colour.

Lesson 4: Working with Expressions and particle generators (Form)

Lesson 5: Working with particle generators. Adding in text elements and linking the parameters between compositions. More Expressions.

Lesson 6: Using Keylight to pull keys on green screen footage. Combining mattes to key out tracking markers. Tracking and Cloning to clean up skin. Isolating skin areas for smoothing.

Lesson 7: Stabilizing the keyed footage. Creating a light wrap effect. Adding in a shape layer background and some type. Trapcode Starglow and Particular for enhancing the shot. 

Lesson 8: Grading with Magic Bullet Looks.

Lesson 9: Working with still images to create stop motion animations. Auto tracing bitmaps to create vectors. Using expressions to tint the layers based on distance from camera.

Lesson 10: Using Particular to create a journey through a forest of trees. Finishing the final shot and editing all shots together with transitions.


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