01 Oct 2015

The White Building
Thur, 1 Oct 2015
6.30pm – 9pm

A new public arena for the pattern recognition and critical discussion of creative process and process-led practice.

AG0RA_In_RETE_01 is the pilot version of SPACE’s new distributed curatorial framework conceived as a responsive platform for the exposition, celebration and interrogation of the creative process and process-led practices. Derived nominally from a networked, decentralised public forum, the AG0RA_In_RETE series casts process as fluid cultural agent, a negotiator of value and the catalyst for public debate. Whether adopted and orchestrated across multiple organisations, led by a single cultural agent, or remotely channelled through a networked group, the AG0RA_In_RETE model acts as a responsive, choreographed platform for knowledge exchange and critical discourse in response to artistic process.

AGORA_IN_RETE_01 features work in process and critical dialogue between the inaugural Goethe-Institut and SPACE Perlin Noise sound artist in residence Claire Tolan and This Time With FEELing resident artist Jeremy Hutchison. Positioned within the context of “First Thursdays”, AGORA_IN_RETE_01 aims to disrupt the industry standard Open Studio /Private View format. By embracing a post-studio attitude in casting the site of artistic production as a malleable framework for a live, distributed networked forum AGORA_In_RETE seeks to stimulate porous critical discussion and investigative friction around process and what it means to make process the subject of display and exploration. Responding to recent changes in the traditional studio model and seeking to make public new modes of collaborative process-led practices.


Claire Tolan is a sound artist, ASMR savant and programmer based in Berlin. Born 1986 in Ohio, USA, Tolan studied Literature at the University of Chicago and Archival Science and Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan.Her practice focuses on exploring human-computer interaction, online communities (intimacy, privacy), and information structures and theory. Tolan has a strong collaborative practice and has worked with a variety of hybrid practitioners including Inger Wold Lund, Kei Kreutler and Holly Herndon. Forthcoming events include Holly Herndon + Jam City (live) and Claire Tolan at Oval Space with experimental producer Holly Herndon. Tolan will be expanding her work with ASMR as part of the inaugural Perlin Noise Sound Art Residency with the kind support of the Goethe-Insitut.

Jeremy Hutchison, (b. 1979) is a British artist based in London. Having studied linguistics and written advertising for Coca-Cola, he received a distinction from the Slade School of Fine Art. He constructs situations that disrupt the power relations encoded in consumer capitalism. He has recently finished his cycle as member of the Whitney Independent Study Program, NYC.

Jeremy is the inaugural This Time With FEELing Residency artist and will be exploring the operation of capitalism in the production of subjectivity amongst other areas during his residency at The White Building.