Art + Tech Algorave 2019

12 April 2019
Free & open to all
SPACE Mare Street

An evening of Algorave experimentation to celebrate the closing of SPACE Art + Tech’s Focus – Next Showcase. Starting in London seven years ago, the Algorave movement incorporates live coding into music and visual making, projecting the results for the audience in real-time.

Algoraves embrace the sounds of raves from the past and introduce alien, futuristic rhythms made through this strange, algorithm-aided process. It’s up to those on the dance floor to help the musicians make sense of the sounds and do the real creative work in making a great party.

Celebrating the end of SPACE’s six-month residency process exploring the intersections between technology and artistic practice, the Algorave movement encompasses the ethos of experimentation that the SPACE Art + Tech programme reflects. Over the course of the event, the audience had the chance to view the final outcomes of the Focus – Next and InProcess residency artists, while they took in the Algorave sights and sounds in SPACE’s main gallery.

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