Apparel & Ornament – A research project by SPACE and Rhys Coren

12 Apr – 2 Jun 2013

ANNEXE: Apparel & Ornament is an exhibition that explores football kit design and Acid House during the late '80s and early '90s.

It is often suggested that the widespread emergence of Acid House between ‘88 and ‘89 inaugurated an armistice amongst warring football firms. Casual culture, a terrace scene led by hyper-violent young men dressed in elite European sportswear, had discovered raving...

At precisely the same time the rule book regarding football kit design was rapidly being torn up. The simple colour block - definitive of the practice since its very earliest days - was suddenly out of favour. In its place came a swarm of complex graphics and garish colours. 

Apparel & Ornament - the culmination of a research project by SPACE and Rhys Coren - playfully explores the possibility of a relation between these two phenomena. 

The exhibition features new work by Coren, original football apparel, sound work and archive materials drawn from two respected fanzines operating at the intersection of music and football culture: The End and Boy's Own

Preview: Thur 11 Apr, 6-9pm