April Open Studio Exhibition at The White Building

28 Apr 2012

Artists Una KnoxHannah Black and Renee Carmichael will be presenting an exhibition of their work at the White Building residency studio.

Sun 28 Apr
12 pm – 6 pm 

Come and premiere the artists and see their new works in process. 

The White Building Residency Studio opens once a month to the public, giving visitors a chance to see what the residency artists are working on, and providing an insight into the residency programme based there.


Exhibition information

Hannah Black
2 x Single Channel Videos on loop

1. Afterlife
Sean, a freelance futures trader in a time very like our own, refuses to take time medication to deal with his issues with nostalgia and regret, even though he can’t stop thinking about his ex – until a problem at work forces him to take an event-altering ‘after pill’ to which he has an unexpected reaction. This exploration of the ideology of time within capitalism uses archive footage and the tropes of narrative TV drama to create a sci-fi of the everyday. 

2. All of Your Relations in this System of Alienations 
Three actors perform and re-perform a collectively produced script, drawn from writing exercises based on contemporary practices of subject formation – dating advice, employment criteria, consumer behaviour textbooks, etc. Using the same phrases, the actors perform different scenarios created and directed through group discussion. In each iteration the actors relate differently to each other, imbuing the ‘found’ dialogue with emotional and social meaning. 

Renee Carmichael

Renee Carmichael will be showing an initial draft of the film installation Come to Feet: Monument to the Dance Epidemic of 1518 that she has been creating during the residency. Come to Feet: Monument to the Dance Epidemic of 1518 retells the story of The Dance Epidemic of 1518 by creating a narrative and visual score that brings together the different rhythms of the historical accounts of The Dance Epidemic, and connects them to the rhythms of her own research into the story itself, combined with cybernetics, technophobia, ritual and trance. Through the narrative, dancing becomes a way of exploring the liminal space between finite and infinite, body and society, belief and order to question what happens when the limits of computation are transcended and emotional thresholds are reached, when mind/body cannot compute.

Una Knox 

Una Knox’s practice is inspired by fictions, quasi-fantasies and real life encounters to investigate certainty, doubt and the subjective nature of history by exploring and testing psychological transformation as a narrative process. In examining the specific event, artifact or account as flexible objects, narrative is a way to bring a viewer into an atmosphere where affects and emotions can happen in conjunction with thinking through ideas. 

For her residency at The White Building, Knox has taken the experience of making 3D models for a museum as the starting point for her research. Using a 3D scanner, Knox explores the ‘edge effect’ 
of permaculture philosophy. In this research, Knox suggests the 3D models exist in a mid-point between image and object. Here the story begins with light and shadow as the central characters of 
her narrative.

Download the exhibition info sheet here.