BB#8: Dawdle

25 Oct – 16 Dec 2012

BLACKBOARD: Curator and SPACE studio tenant Gareth Bell-Jones has invited a number of artists to reflect on some of the frustrations that come with the studio experience.

The studio is often regarded as a site of unconstrained creative and productive potential, a proposition that is often far from the truth. Given a quote from Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet as a starting point, artists were asked to respond with text or image to some of the necessary, yet debilitating experiences that accompany the creative process (e.g. feelings of listlessness, indifference, torpor, boredom or apathy).

Previews 25 Oct 2012, 6 - 9pm

The contributing artists are:

Victoria Adam, Benjamin L Aman, An Endless Supply, Aaron Angell, Emma Astner, Nicole Bachmann, Stuart Bailes, Jonathan Baldock, Manuela Barczewski, Chris Barr, Joanne R Bristol, Savinder Bual, Nicholas Byrne, Melanie Carvalho, Dave Charlesworth, George Charman, Leo Cohen, Patrick Coyle, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Mat Do, Tom Durley, Marie d’Elbee, Laura Eldret, Jenifer Evans, Lilah Fowler, Manuela Gernedel, Georgie Grace, Anthony Green, Dave Hanger, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Aaron Head, Richard Healy, Andy Holden, Toby Huddlestone, Lizzie Hughes, Candice Jacobs, Glen Jamieson, Mat Jenner, KIMI CONRAD, Elise Lammer, Ian Law, Alastair Levy, Laura McLean-Ferris, Matthew McQuillan, Chris McSherry, Agata Madejska, Isabella Martin, Scott Massey, Kate Morrell, Henry Jackson Newcomb, Fay Nicolson, Matthew Noel-Tod, eppark, Anna Pickering, Owen Pidcock, Heather Phillipson, Philomene Pirecki, Diana Policarpo, Jessica Potter, Kit Poulson, Chris Rawcliffe, Anna Reckin, Kari Rittenbach, Lewis Ronald, Emily Rosamond, Rosalie Schweiker, Amy Spencer, Cally Spooner, Marianne Spurr, Alan Stanners, Jack Strange, Lorenzo Tebano, Mimei Thompson, Lena Tutunjian, Sacha Waldron, Judith Waring, White Room Press, Daniel Wilkinson, Laura Wilson, Jesse Wine, Maria Zahle

In addition, Dawdle features a special event exploring boredom, both as a form of suffering and as a potentially transformative quality of certain experiences. The event with feature contributions from Rasmus Johnsen, professor in Management, Politics, and Philosophy at the Copenhagen Business School, Anthony Morgan, lecturer in the history and philosophy of psychology at Northumbria University and Matthew Clements who is currently completing a research PhD in bio-semiotics at Birkbeck.