Creative Editing

1 Oct – 5 Nov 2013

6 evening sessions
Date: Tuesday 1 October to 5 November 2013
Times: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Price: £200
Instructor: Claudia Tomaz

This hands-on creative and technical 6-sessions course uses Final Cut Pro 7 to explore the Art and Craft of Editing. This is a beginner’s class but it is designed to give you the editing skills and tools for a professional use. A basic knowledge of Mac OS is recommended. 

Editing exercises are the core of the course and will take place in each session; this will allow you to be creative while exploring editing craft and learning FCP skills. In the first 2 sessions, editing exercises use excerpts of films (documentary and fiction) to explore editing practices and make you at ease with the software; In the following classes (4 sessions) each participant creates/edit a short film out of given documentary footage.

Editing techniques and styles will be discussed through watching examples of films’ sequences and interviews with editors and filmmakers. 

FCP topics include: basic setup, settings, formats and files management; capturing and importing video and audio; various editing and trimming techniques; sound editing, sync sound with image and intro to sound-design; create title sequences and subtitles; export to DVD and internet.

About the Instructor
Claudia is a London-based independent filmmaker and editor working professionally on film since 1995. Her work encompasses many different styles and genres; she often works in a film-essay style, using a low-tech, experimental and poetic approach to images and sounds. Claudia is also dedicated to social issues; currently she is filming and editing her new feature documentary for housing justice. Past work includes experimental films, music videos, live sets, documentaries and 2 awarded full-length feature films. Claudia has been teaching film related workshops to filmmakers, artists, young people and children since 2004.

Class is limited to 6 participants. 

Each student has their own workstation for the practical parts of the course and can discuss any specific areas of interest they may have towards the end of the day with the tutor.


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