Future Ritual Performance

15 December 2017

SPACE Mare Street
Fri 15 Dec, 6 – 9pm
£7 / £4

Future Ritual is curated by HereNow residency artist Thomas Yeomans and performance artist Joseph Morgan Schofield. In response to Yeoman’s research into online ritual practices, this event will feature a number of performances that attempt to reclaim ritual from the online sphere. Over the course of the evening, a number of artists will respond to the notion of a ‘queer future ritual’, unmediated by the screen, acted out live and in the flesh. The performances will encourage to ask: what might future rituals look like? Who are they for and what are they trying to do?  

A ritual can be a religious, spiritual, domestic and/or magic act. It can be performed in public or private, by one person, or by many. It can be grounded in a particular tradition or devised by the practitioner. 

A queer ritual might be a ritual where rites and traditions are queered, or re-discovered, or enacted by queers for queers. It is likely engaged in the conscious rejection of heterosexual societal norms. They likely resist and critique the politics of assimilation and celebrate, instead, subversion, indecency, aberrance and difference.   

A queer ritual might involve dancing, sigil crafting, dragging up, singing, bleeding, mourning, celebrating, loving, shouting or something else entirely.

A queer ritual might be a strategy for survival, for effecting social and political change, for taking on the world and for making it through the damn day. 


You are welcome to drop in and out of the eventand move between the different performances as the eveningincludes both durational works and shorter performances.

Full Line Up:
Charlie Ashwell  
Evie Fehilly 
Iris Madariaga
Joseph Morgan Schofield 
Louisa Robbin 
Oberon White 
Ro Hardaker 
Thomas Yeomans 

Please be aware that the evening will include body based performance practices, including some that feature nudity and temporary body mortification, including the artist(s) piercing and cutting their own body. These performances will be clearly sign posted, with other work taking place at the same time, should you wish to watch something else.The event is also therefore not suitable for younger audiences.