Georgie Nettell – Ultra

21 Jan – 5 Mar 2011
Free & open to all
SPACE Mare Street

GALLERY A new cycle of paintings by the London based artist.

In two-tone colour (beige and grey), Nettell traces the recurrence of a single stenciled motif over multiple variously sized canvases. Bathed in the white glare of wall wash floodlights, Nettell’s dyadic works conjure a stark and ascetic space.

‘the point of the pointlessness of the effort of this work is to re-process a recognizable engine so to discover new ways toward abandon.’

Georgie Nettell was born in Bedford in 1984. She studied at the Slade School of Art. Accompanying the exhibition is a short text by Walter Benjamin Smith.

Ultra is the sixth NEU! exhibition at SPACE. Previous exhibitions include: Mysterious Cults by Charlie Woolley (Sep 2010), AMAXAMA by Ben Sansbury (May 2010), colourless green ideas sleep furiously by Adam Thomas (March 2010), What I Believe (a Polemical Collection) by Ruth Beale (November 2009) and PROH-SOH’ PA-PEER by Richard John Jones (September 2009). NEU! is an ongoing cycle of solo exhibitions by emerging artists at SPACE.