“Honey, I’m Data” – a performative lecture

21 September 2018

Fri 21 Sep, 6.30 - 8.30pm
SPACE Mare Street
£7/5 Tickets

Keiken presents a performative lecture with AGF HYDRA, Suzannah Pettigrew, video design by George Jasper Stone, sound by Nati Cerutti and including extracts from a conversation with Natasha Vita-More. As a web of intersubjective narratives fabricate reality, it is also conditioned, shaped and governed by algorithmic design. This performative and immersive lecture will unfold the implications of artificial intelligence for the traditional human narratives of reality, fact, fiction and truth in a techno-capitalist society.

I love Kim not because I know her but because I love her data. I’m not so sure about Kanye’s data though. Anyway, let’s not judge, we all have data, a past that Facebook owns. As the futurists fly across the world by day and night, they go to church on Sundays down Silicone Valley. The Earth has a flu from the virus called humans and the humans just say “Oh, what a lovely sunny day’”. Then we all talk deep as our ego expands as we think we have an answer “WHAT WILL MAKE THE WORLD BETTER IS IF WE HAD MORE EMPATHY”. Then we forget what we thought and just chat crapitalism. By the way, now I am a platform diverse body, I am available in all the different worlds, the material world, the virtual world and the app store. I’m no longer just physical, baby!

“Honey, I’m Data!” was originally commissioned by Hervisions at LUX.The title “Honey, I’m Data!” derives from a speculative interactive RPG installation conceptualised by Keiken in 2016, in which players enter into a shifted reality where their Quantified Self (personal biometric data) alters a reactive environment.


Keiken, are artists, art directors and musicians working collaboratively in a networked practice that merges multiple voices and mediums to create immersive experiences. They work with  interactive contemporary art and the latest technologies. Keiken have exhibited and curated at CTM and Transmediale Vorspiel festival, U Studio at Tate St Ives, London Design Festival, Hervisions, Second Home, London and Newlyn Art Gallery. They have also presented lectures, talks and workshops at LUX Moving Image, KNOW-WAVE Radio, and Goldsmiths University, University of Arts (LCC) and Falmouth University. They were the first artists to have their virtual reality film projected 22,000 light years into space by Jon Pettigrew for Planet3artnews.