Humane REGENERATION workshop

30 November 2016

Wed 30 November, 6.30 - 9pm
The White Building
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We all know the pattern. We’ve seen it before. We’ve seen it happen in Soho. In Dumbo. In Hoxton. In Shoreditch. Artists and creatives move into a cheap and deprived place and make it vibrant. Then as sure as anything, the money pours in, the redevelopment sweeps over and an unprecedented influx of people arrive into the area. We know how this story as ended so far.

What if there was a different pattern?

What if we could rethink how regeneration worked?

What if we experienced a more humane form of regeneration?

This workshop will explore what Humane Regeneration might look, feel and act like.

Join PLOT for an interactive workshop designing materials for an alternative future. We’ll bring the tools and methods. You bring your observations of what you see now.

The sessions will use participants observations to build a picture of what they are experiencing today, and turn that into a new vision of what could be. You are invited to bring a piece of evidence of how you’ve experienced or observed regeneration around you - it can be anything that represents this for you - an article from the paper, a receipt from a new gentrified shop, or an advert for a new development - whatever you see around you.

Your experiences will be used as materials to develop Humane Regeneration principles which inform designing and making of new physical artifacts that reveal this possible future.


PLOT are a design studio led by Gill Wildman and Nick Durrant. In its 14 years PLOT have used workshops and extensive prototyping approaches to explore the future in different forms: creative business strategy, innovations, propositions, new products and services, new ways of working together. We use prototyping in our consultancy work and also in Experience Design Masterclasses with Hyper Island, or The American School in Paris.