Imperfect VR – workshop

25 February 2017

The White Building
Sat 25 Feb, 1 - 5pm
Sold out

Imperfect VR is based on the idea that everyone can create their own Virtual Reality experiences.

What does it mean to play? Children know. We forgot.

Many today are focussing on the potential of VR technology and the commercial opportunities it presents. Some see a new artform, and more than a few believe that VR will become an omnipresent medium within the next years. This raises the question, who will be the ones to build these virtual worlds? A multi-billion dollar industry? Some highly trained specialists? Or you - will you consume or create?

In this workshop Michael Straeubig invites participants to tackle this question head-on by creating unique imperfect VR experiences with a few lines of markup and code. It is aimed at people who have little or no experience with computer programming. Starting from ground zero, you will be taught the absolute basics of using A-Frame, a beginner-friendly but capable framework made by Mozilla to create VR experiences.

By the end of the session everyone will have constructed a VR world and will be given pointers for how to go on from there. We will also have the opportunity for discussions around the politics of VR and questions of perception.

We are not aiming for a perfect reality but will have fun in the virtual.

Requirements: cardboard VR headsets to take away with you will be provided as part of the ticket price - if you would like to bring your own cardboard headset please contact to purchase a ticket without the included headset. Bring your own laptop and a (preferably recent) smartphone - because not all devices have a gyroscope sensor, your VR experience may be limited, but you will still be able to build the virtual world.

Initiated by Michael Straeubig in partnership with SPACE Art + Technology. Straeubig is a game designer / creative coder and founder of i3games exploring games and playful experiences in various media.