Artist Film Screening in Association with LUX

25 August 2016

Thu 25 Aug  7 – 9pm
SPACE Mare Street

Tickets available here

A curated programme of four artist films from the LUX archive in response to Josh Bilton’s SPACE commission Undersong.

Undersong delves into the semiotics of Portland stone, from its geological origins to its heralded place in the construction of British sovereign identity. It confronts the relationships between the self and the built environment; and between the geology of the earth and the construction of civilizations. This two part screening has been devised to expand on these ideas through the work of artists that are addressing complementary themes.

Sandra Lahire - Uranium Hex (1987) -  11min
Uranium Hex deals with uranium mining in Canada focussing particularly on the woman's work and the destruction of the environment; the film uses a kaleidoscopic array of experimental techniques such as superimposition, refilming, changes of speed, pace and an elaborate layering of sounds where 'atmos' recording mixes with voice and music.

Anja & David Kirshner & Panos - Ultimate Substance (2012) - 34min
Drawing on references from archaeology, philosophy, mathematics and ritual, Ultimate Substance departs from the hypothesis that the introduction of coinage in the ancient Greek world effected a profound cognitive shift that was key to the emergence of western philosophic, scientific and dramatic traditions.

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Ben Rivers - The Coming Race (2013) - 5min
A hand processed film in which thousands of people climb a rocky mountain terrain. The destination and purpose of their ascension remains unclear. A vague, mysterious and unsettling pilgrimage fraught with unknown intentions. The title The Coming Race is after a Victorian novel by E.G.E. Bulwer-Lytton, about a race of people who live under a mountain.

The Otolith Group - Medium Earth  (2012) - 41min
The accumulation of moving images and sounds that make up Medium Earth comprise an audiovisual essay on the millennial time of geology and the infrastructural unconscious of Southern California. Focused on the ways in which tectonic forces express themselves in boulder outcrops and the hairline fractures of cast concrete, Medium Earth participates in the cultures of prophecy and forecasting that mediate the experience of seismic upheaval.


With many thanks to LUX for supporting this event