Listen to Yourself: Sound Design Tutorial with Pappa Modig

29 April 2016

The White Building
Fri 29 April, 6.30 - 8.30pm
FREE, please register here


Finnish artist and sound designer Kimmo "Pappa" Modig will go through some of the basics of sound editing. We will look at some key questions concerning the use of sound effects with moving objects & subjects. What does money sound like? Can and should anyone program beats? Can you be out of synch with the world around you? Why do all European capital cities sound the same and what do you think you can do about it as a designer? Does a lot of reverb always equal wealth?


Hi again London.

So yeah I'm doing an event on Friday night, how's that for you? Well, there will be drinks and food available from the bar downstairs, so the ice won't have to melt itself.

The last time I had an event at The White Building it was more of a group therapy session mashed up together with a radio play done after someone at BBC had read Relational Aesthetics. This time, there'll be cameras recording, as I'm developing a new work that's about the ideologies behind sound design, ie. how we shape the world and erase meaning from things around us to create order and domination. So this session will take the form of a tutorial. Come see me try!

The main question really we must ask is: which signals I'm amplifying and which ones I'm drowning?


This event, which marks the end of Pappa's residency with SPACE, supported by The Finnish Institute in London, produced in collaboration with Video in Common.