Loraine Leeson Art for Change

11 NOV 2006 — 20 JAN 2007

A retrospective exhibition of work from the mid 70s to the present day combining activism, politics, education and research.

The exhibition Art for Change celebrates Loraine Leeson as an artist whose work has influenced and supported social change for over 30 years. Leeson’s practice is underpinned by a collaborative process which has involved health workers, trade unions, tenants associations, action groups, young people, schools and institutions, as well as other artists and professionals. It has been realised through a series of organisations with her former partner Peter Dunn and more recently cSPACE, which she founded in 2002.

Consistently responding to the political conditions of the time, processes of conflict resolution have helped her navigate through cultural, disciplinary and institutional divides. The work has also developed alongside the technology available, reflecting her key position in the first generation of artists to make creative use of digital imaging and the Internet.

In this exhibition Leeson and Dunn’s use of photo-montage for the East London Health Project and Docklands Community Poster Project can be seen evolving through digital montage in The Art of Change, towards Leeson’s current use of the Internet as a place for creative interventions.

Opened by Paul Brickell, Chief Executive, Leaside Regeneration Ltd. This project is based on an exhibition of the New Society of Visual Arts, Berlin 2005. 

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