Marching Rocks Gloves & Code

24 Oct 2009

A night of experimental electronica: new, old and somewhere in-between.

SPACE and Culture Lab (Newcastle) teamed up to bring together a night of electronica with performances from: Chip Tune Marching Band, Jamie Allen's circuitMusic, PixelH8, Jo Kazuhiro, Will Schrimshaw & Nick J Williams, Adam Parkinson, The Cane Toad Orchestra and Dave Griffiths.

Listen to some of the tracks from the night here

Saturday 24th October
DJ RE:ROOT (Marc Garrett) Part of the media arts collective, gave us a blast of early electronica.

Chip Tune Marching Band

The marching ended here and kicked off the night with some DIY electronic instruments powered by alternative energy.

Jo Kazuhiro
 (CultureLab, The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA, Monalisa, AEO, and a co-organizer of dorkbot Tokyo and Chiptune Marching Band.)
Showing two contrastive instruments “Lighting Wave” with photosensitive sine wave objects and "Colored Noise" with an isolated white noise generator.

Jo Kazuhiro @ SPACE - 24.10.09 by spacestudios

Jamie Allen's circuitMusic
Jamie Allen makes interactive art and sound makers with his head and hands. circuitMusic is a platform for improvisational audio circuit building with raw op amp components.

Jamie Allen @ SPACE - 24.10.09 by spacestudios


Internationally renowned chip tune musician brings his unique blend of electronica.

Massive Black Mountain
 (Will Schrimshaw & Nick J Williams)
Environmental interaction and sonorous individuation: improvised performance built upon reaction, circuits, earth and code.
Massive Black Mountain @ SPACE 24.10.09 byspacestudios 

Dave Griffiths (Slub, OpenLab)
Providing the game magic that is 'al jazari' - and the audience plays too!

Dave Griffiths @ SPACE - 24.10.09 by spacestudios 

Adam Parkinson
His musical activities include textural laptop improvisations, loping hip hop, preposterous electro and hard, glitchy techno- which one will we get?

Adam Parkinson @ SPACE - 24.10.09 byspacestudios

The Cane Toad Orchestra
Electro-acoustic cane toads jamming to psychedelic visuals. 

Cane Toad Orchestra @ SPACE - 24.10.09 byspacestudios

DJ Reroot (Marc Garrett)
playing early electronic music from his own personal collection (vinyl only) from between 1976 - 84. Consisting of sounds which inspired a generation of energetic musicians and audiences who took control of their own culture, through a period which was part of the punk, new wave, no wave, electro, post-punk, cultural explosion.

Supported by Culture Lab and SPACE

Newcastle based Culture Lab- an interdisciplinary research center devoted to intersections of creativity and technology- present a selection of experimental performances alongside OpenLab London- Making art and music with open source / free software.