Workshop: Making Water Infrastructure Visible

14 May 2019

Tue 14 May 10am – 2pm
SPACE Mare Street
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Learn how to map and therefore render visible the various infrastructures that dictate how the (now) privatised waterways are run and maintained, in a way that can be used to encourage the public to re-engage with water systems. This will be achieved through live mapping/diagramming of researcher and local knowledge, as well as by capturing how key words are defined in use. This session is an extension of Arts Catalyst’s series of enquiries into matters of concern connected with environmental change – such as flooding, pollution, and species loss – and their impact on local culture and the health and wellbeing of our ecosystems and ourselves. 


Dr Megan Clinch is an anthropologist and lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research explores how different forms of investigation, experimentality, evidence, and evaluation are understood (or not) and managed in the development of public health interventions.


Anna Santomauro is a curator, educator and researcher in micropolitics and socially engaged art. She is Programme Curator at Arts Catalyst. 


Dr Kelly Fagan Robinson is an anthropologist working on disability, communication, and applied public policy. Her doctoral research, Looking to Listen (ESRC/AHRC multidisciplinary public policy/heritage) investigated how deaf-centric resources were more easily understood in arts settings, the same approaches frequently resulted in social relation breakdown between signers and public officials. This diagramming exhibition enables Robinson to further