Moving Forest: DIY Hackday with MzTEK

26 Nov – 27 Nov 2011

MzTEK has teamed up with AKA the castle to present an open hardware hack workshop as part of Moving Forest London2012 initiative by AKA the castle.

MzTEK is hosting a two day open hardware hack workshop focusing on modifying/remodelling /hacking recycled hardware for generating revolting noise, based on the Chip Tune Marching Band workshop for creating a portably powered sound circuit.

Planning for Moving Forest’s citywide insurgency acts with updated moving antennas replacing moving tree branches, these workshops also strategise a massive mobilisation of london urbanites as part of Moving Forest’s distributed performance for London summer 2012.

Moving Forest is a 12 hour, five act, visual, sonic, digital, electronic and urban performance collectively realised by AKA the castle, a temporal performance troupe bringing together visual artists, writers, soundists, silk threaders, codedecoders, macromikro, boombox mass, mobile agents, wifi fielders and urbanites. 12 hours of sonic, coded action map an imaginary Castle and camouflage forest revolt onto a given modern day metropolis.

Moving Forest was first presented at Transmediale.08 in Berlin.

The partners for Moving Forest London workshop development are MA Interactive Media & Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, Furtherfield, SPACE, Digital Programmes, V&A.

Please bring your own devices and tools to modify/remodel/hack, there will be a £10 pound workshop fee to cover the sound making electronic supplies.


Take part in a one or two day workshop session 26 & 27 November.
11am to 5pm, November 26, Saturday
11am to 5pm, November 27, Sunday


This is a women only workshop. £10 on the door to cover basic noise making kit.