MzTek Show and Tell

3 Dec 2009

Julie Freeman introduced the technicalities of her latest work in this MzTEK P2P show & tell.

Julie returned from ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts) in Belfast at the end of August, where she showed the piece Specious Dialogue III.

Specious Dialogue III consists of a pair of movable, sculptural concrete forms that house wireless audio playback systems. Mounted on pairs of swivel castors the forms are designed to be played with – pushed, rolled, kicked and shoved around the exhibition space. They are physical audio curiosities with personality.

Julie discussed the story of the work from the initial commission through to version 3. She spoke about how she built it from sourcing and constructing the concrete forms, and about writing the Max>/MSP patch as well as the development of the piece through the sound recording and editing. She was accompanied by sound producer Dan Grigson (Grantby) who gave hands-on hints and tips on voice-over recording, editing and formating.

Find out more from the Mztek website.