19 Nov 2011

Tech up your Tea- A creative technology workshop for women. 
Part of the Chi-TEK project by MzTEK.

G.Hack is an art and technology lab for women at Queen Mary University of London. They are participating artists in the Chi-TEK project, and have developed an interactive table for sound mapping tea houses across London.

This workshop taught basic techniques involved in the construction of an interactive table top, using infrared sensors. It also taught basic sound recording and editing, the basics of soldering components, as well as covering simple programming for the interactive table using Processing, MaxMsp and reacTIVision software.


November 19th 2011

10.30am – 4.30pm


129 -131 Mare St
London E8 3RH - MAP

Chi-TEK Artists Teapots from MzTEK on Vimeo.

What to bring with you (if you can)…

Participants are required to bring their own laptops, and if possible with preinstalled sound editing software, Processing, reacTIVision and MaxMsp (demo licence is fully functional for 30 days) and if you have it, sound recording equipment. All materials for making sensors will be provided.


This was a women only workshop