Open Process – CoLAB Associates
16 Jul 2015

Thu 16 Jul 2015, 6:30-9pm


CoLAB Associates begin their official collaboration this month in the form of a programme called DRIFT.

DRIFT is a framework derived from Brazilian durational performances, in which the audience and actors play specific roles. From this starting point ZDUK have developed a collaboration methodology infused with technology such as CCTV systems to provide self reflection, professional development and critical feedback model.

The CoLAB Associates will use this event as a catalyst, which will feed into a period of rapid prototyping using a Sprint framework over the 2 weeks after DRIFT. The culmination of this process will be a public Beta Release event hosted at Open SPACE, SPACE’s newly redesigned workshop and events venue at the Mare Street HQ.

The first OPEN process will be an insight into the process that the artists have been incubating and a reflection on how this process has developed during the time sensitive prototyping sprint. You will also be introduced to the artists based in CoLAB and the technology infused projects that will inform their practice during the 12 month CoLAB programme.

The CoLAB Associates will benefit from the feedback that you can provide and there will be the opportunity to discuss how the skills developed around CoLAB can be diffused into the Art Technology Community.  

OPEN process will be run monthly interspersed into the wider skills share programme operating out of Open SPACE.