16 Mar 2016

Adham Faramawy / Fleur Melbourn / Holly White / Sophie Hoyle

The White Building
Wed 16 Mar 2016
6.30 – 8.30pm
FREE, please register here

Concluding their residency, This Time With FEELing artists Adham Faramawy, Fleur Melbourn, Holly White and Sophie Hoyle will take part in a group discussion exploring the processes and questions developed through the residency thematic investigating affective computing and emotion capital.

The human body is commonly accepted as the primary site of subjectivity, empathy and affective processes. However, with the pervasive and increasingly commercial development of Affective Computing, which aims to detect and respond appropriately to users’ emotions and related prosthetic tracking technologies, the breakdown between human and machine is recast in the popular imagination once again.

The session will begin with a presentation from each artist, showing the projects developed on the programme and touching on the intentions that have guided them through the thematic. This first part of the event will be focused on exploring the different approaches taken by each, where they began and where they have come to now. The discussion will then focus on the questions, specifically the unknowns, that have presented themselves.

OpenPROCESS is a platform that responds to process-led practice. The series explores artistic production as a framework for discussion, investigating what it means to foreground process as the subject of display and exploration.