Out of SPACE | Care S2, E7: How to show your work

April 2023

Welcome to the second season of Out of SPACE, a podcast by SPACE hosted by artist Cathy Lomax. 

This episode of Out of SPACE’s Care series is one of two practical ‘how to’ guides and focusses on how to show your work and is one of two practical ‘how to’ guides (the other focuses on ‘how to carry on practising’).

Showing work usually means engaging with a gallery but negotiating the world of galleries can be very confusing for emerging artists (and established artists to be honest), as there are so many different categories and sub-categories such as commercial, not-for profit, institutional, artist-run, hire spaces etc, all with their own ways of working. For many artists, gallery representation is a sought-after validation of their status. But can we have a successful career without this? If we do work with a gallery how much commission should we expect to pay on the works we sell? And if we don’t, how do we figure out the price we should sell our work at? To discuss these questions, Cathy is joined by SPACE studio artist Hannah Brown and curator/gallerist Kristian Day. 

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Cathy Lomax is a London-based artist, the founder of Transition Gallery and the editor of Arty and Garageland magazines. She is currently researching the role of makeup and artifice in the creation of the Hollywood female star image for a PhD at Queen Mary University of London. Cathy’s paintings and installations assimilate the seductive imagery of film, fame and fashion, juxtaposing it with personal narratives and the everyday. Her particular interests are femininity, masquerade and the way that popular culture is constructed, consumed and related to. In 2014 Cathy was an Abbey Painting Fellow at The British School at Rome and in 2016 she won The Contemporary British Painting Prize. Her 2017 solo exhibition The Blind Spot is profiled by Matt Price in The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting. Recent exhibitions include Star Bar, Broadway Cinema, Letchworth Garden City (ongoing), The Immaculate Dream, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London (2019) and Dear Christine, Vane Gallery, Newcastle (and touring) (2019).



Hannah Brown is a London based visual artist whose work centres on the psychology of the English landscape. She is interested in the status of landscape painting, the use and value of bucolic imagery, and how we interact with the natural environment and bring it into the domestic sphere.

Hannah is a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. Recent major exhibitions include ‘I Stood Still’, 2022 at Frestonian Gallery, London, ‘This Muddy Eden’ 2020, a two person show with Christopher Orr at Broadway Gallery, Letchworth and ‘Before Long’ 2019 at Union Gallery, London. In 2021 she was featured in the John Moores Painting Prize and in 2018 she was selected for the Whitechapel Open. Her work is held in both public and private collections including the V&A, London.


Kristian Day is a freelance curator. He recently began working with Playing Fields, a new platform producing exhibitions and events in partnership with artists and galleries across the UK whose remit uis to highlight regional spaces, amplify the practice of artists outside of existing networks and expand the reach of both individuals and organisations through meaningful collaboration.

Kris co-curated Soft Water, a solo exhibition by Sofia Clausse at Slugtown in Newcastle alongside his regular collaborator David McLeavy. He is the curator, programmer and advisor to Quip & Curiosity, a new contemporary art space in Cambridge and recently launched Wilbury Radio, a platform for experimental sound and music, with collaborators Tony Venezia and Russell Walker. Since 2001 he has worked with numerous galleries, both private and public, and in his spare time runs The Shuck, an Art & Ecology project in his shed.


About Out of SPACE Podcast

A podcast by SPACE, featuring artists from across our studios. Artists are in conversation with writers, critics and art professionals, offering a closer look into what happens behind closed studio doors. Out of SPACE is hosted by artist / curator Cathy Lomax. Over the next 4 episodes we will continue to  explore the theme of care from multiple viewpoints, and hear from artists and creative practitioners about their approach to care in their work, life and their surroundings.

Out of SPACE is a podcast series produced by SPACE, London’s largest artist studios provider. To learn more about the artists taking part, and for further resources, please visit the What’s On section of SPACE’s website at www.spacestudios.org.uk/what’s on.