Outsourced Senses

28 March 2017

The White Building
Tue 28 March
7 - 9pm
Sold Out

Our bodies equip themselves to navigate our contemporary lifestyles - synthetic fabric to mediate the ambient temperature, cheap fragrance to curate the smell of our environment, a phone to reach the ones not immediately present at hand.

Outsourced Senses looks at our smartphones as devices that Augment our Reality and reconfigure the user’s engagement. Smartphones are increasingly loaded with sensors producing data extracted to generate a tailored, layered experience of the everyday. The workshop will use the format of the app as a point of departure to explore the potentials of Augmented Reality. How are these apps extending our engagement with our life? At what point does AR manifest in conversation between the app and it’s user?

The workshop will focus on collectively designing and imagining apps that could facilitate an Augmented Reality experience. Participants will be invited to speculate different possible functions and services our apps could have. The workshop will be primarily analogue to allow freedom to think without technological restrain and no previous experience is required.

If you could build your own Augmented Reality using an app, what would it be?

Eloïse Bonneviot  is examining how our patterns of living are influencing the way we perceive our environment. Particularly she is interested in disruptive events acting as pointers and triggers for the emergence of new protocols, such as security checks for instance. During her residency, Bonneviot is using Augmented Reality, as a potential mode of arranging the everyday, in relation to her project Thinking Like a Mountain, that is using mountain accident data to generate content. Eloïse Bonneviot’s recent activities include Planned Obsolescence (Moscow RU), O Super (hu/wo-) man #1: Eloïse Bonneviot, Friends and Foes at Green Ray (London UK), ABJECT at Import Projects (Berlin, DE). As co-founder of The Mycological Twist since 2014 she participated in Piknik na obochine at EXO EXO (Paris FR) and KOSMO at Kevin Space (Vienna AU). She is also co-founded of HARD-CORE since 2011, with the retrospective Strictly Digital at Alternativa 2015 (Gdansk PL). Bonneviot is a teacher at Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam NL) as HARD-CORE.