Permacultures #17: YKON

Artist collective Ykon take up the first international residency in The White Building.

During May, June and July 2012 Ykon will continue their research into ‘practical utopias’ and develop the Ykon game.

The YKON Game is based upon a simple thought experiment: Imagine the world is brought to a complete halt. Everything stops. No more business as usual. With the world being frozen, you & your fellow players can tinker with the world as you please. What will you change? How do you convince others to go along with your changes? And what about the consequences? In short: The YKON Game is a workshop, party and therapy session in one.

YKON is a Helsinki based not-for-profit organization. It’s membership consists of artists, designers, game developers and art historians who share a deep interest in current utopian thought and practice. Utopia is seen as a myriad of bottom-up processes and initiatives with a strong Do-It-Yourself (DIY) attitude. Since 2005 YKON has worked on themes such as micronations, social architecture, alternative economies, scenario developments, participatory processes, mapping and game design.

Ykon are:
Ulu Braun
Tellervo Kalleinen
Oliver Kochta-Kalleien
Pekko Koskinen
Christina Kral
Tomas Träskman

The Finnish Institute in London has kindly supported this residency.