Permacultures #9: Andy Weir

Andy is one of the artists selected for this round of PERMACULTURES Residencies - The Pond and Beyond

"I am making a film, Flight Means Acting a Part, which draws on four representations of events in the history/future of Detroit: A promotional video on industrial and multicultural progress from 1965 (prefiguring the 1967 riots); documentary interviews with key figures in the emergence of Detroit Techno from the1980s; the Hollywood trilogy Robocop from 1987, 1990 and 1993; and contemporary media discourse around artistic escape and post-industrial utopia. These sources act as ambivalent figures for different relations to technology and modernity, and form the basis for a fiction script, set and shot in a decontextualized ‘future’ space. In the film, dialogue and digressions emerges around fears and fantasies of the non-human, replayed through repetitive isolated acting methodologies and mechanical procedures of digital image production."
-Andy Weir 

Andy Weir is an artist based in London he graduated from Goldsmiths MFA in 2007. 

Have a look at Andy's other projects and keep upto date with his residency at SPACE via his website