PFTrack 2011 Introduction
5 Sep – 16 Nov 2011

10 Day Course
Date: Anytime
Times: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Price: £150.00
Instructor: Self-Learning

Course Setup
This course consists of 10 video-based lessons. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in duration and most include supplementary files and footage.
This course can be taken at any time - for instance every day for 10 days, or once a week for 10 weeks.

This is an updated version of our PFTrack Introduction course using PFTrack 2011, Pixel Farms latest edition of its popular Camera / Object Tracking software used in high-end visual effects productions.

This introductory course will introduce the fundamentals of matchmoving or camera tracking - a visual effects technique for inserting CGI elements into live-action footage with correct position, scale, orientation, and motion relative to the photographed objects in the shot. 

All lessons are practical led and use a variety of footage (HD, SD, greenscreen, CGI) for you to work with. Areas covered include (but not limited to): the PFTrack camera tracking process, user interface, tracking techniques (including hand-held), survey information, lens distortion, stabilisation, coordinate systems, object tracking, grid usage, and film terminology. 

Lesson 1: Using the auto tracker node, cleaning the auto trackers by solving parts, the importance of initial frames and prep for geometry construction.
Lesson 2: Image modelling, one of the key features of PFTrack.
Lesson 3: Calibrating multiple cameras, with and without motion, and important step for object tracking and mocap tracking.
Lesson 4: Object tracking from multiple cameras, perfect combination for more accuracy and automatic sizing of the tracked object.
Lesson 5: Geometry tracking. Using geometry, OBJ and FBX to track an object, or camera. A non-conventional tracking that can save a lot of time in some cases.
Lesson 6: Geometry tracking, a new kind, tracking non rigid objects and deformations.
Lesson 7: Texture extraction, new tools with proper UV mapping.
Lesson 8: Stereo tracking techniques.
Lesson 9: Tracking water.
Lesson 10: An experiment on facial tracking and replacement.


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